Elegant Beauty     

Elegant Beauty  

Spray Tan 

Before Tan 

Shower and Exfoliate, Wax and shave 24 Hours before. 

Day of tan do NOT apply Moisturiser, Deodorant, Perfume or any product. 

Wear Lose dark clothing

After Tan 

Leave Tan for development time as told by Therapist. 

After rinsing off pat dry with towel do not rub. 

To keep tan looking fresh and skin nourished use a non oiled base moisturiser. 

Waxing Aftercare

Avoid Excessive heat, This includes Hot baths / Showers, Steam Room, sauna etc. 

Avoid UV exposure including sunbathing and sunbeds. 

Avoid Swimming 

Do not apply deodorant or anything perfumed to waxed area. 

Avoid Make up after facial hair waxing

Wear loose clothing to avoid aggravation to the waxed area.